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Employee time tracking software is used by organizations to monitor the number of hours that are being spent by an employee at work and also their attendance. Organizations pay their employees for the time they spend working for them, so every second spent is an expense for a company whereas for the employees it is an income earned. Therefore it is important that the time spent by the employees at work is recorded by the company. The time is recorded with the calculate hrs to make sure that it is spent on useful tasks rather than on unproductive activities.


Time Tracker Emphasizes on Business development and growth

Time is the biggest asset an organization has, its business development and growth through forward movement depend on how effectively the time was used. In order to be used effectively used it should be recorded and monitored first. It is no more a tough task to calculate hrs – all that one need is a reliable time clock tracking software.

Before the development of employee time tracking system a manual method of keeping record of the time spent by the workers at company was followed but this system is prone to many errors due to negligence or recording errors. The manual system was also easy to gamble with, as there was no software keeping track of activities. It also required hiring of additional man power to do the job of monitoring, recording and reporting the attendance and the time being spent by the employees at work. If the size of the organization is small this will fit in well, but for a large organization it is very tedious and almost impossible to monitor record and report the time spent by each employees without errors, the accuracy of the data is not present. Large organization also had to face another new issue of employees resorting to bribery and fraud to cheat the manual system by showing present on the days they were absent and showing more number of hours than what they had actually spent. So, what are you still waiting for? Get a time tracking software today!