Things To Know For Increasing Fertility Naturally

A baby completes a family. Trying to have a little bundle of joy is indeed the emotional moment for all the couple and many people goes through ups and down while trying for a baby.  Are you depressed of not conceiving? You may be thinking that your spouse must be infertile. The thought of this makes you scared, lost and confused. Many fertility drugs are available in the market but the best possible way is to increase fertility through natural process. If you have been thinking so long as to how to increase fertility naturally, then it is highly recommended that you do not go for any kind of fertility medicine when you can do it naturally.

naturally increase fertility

Have Sex During Fertile Period

Keep a track of your periodic cycle that will eventually help you to know the ovulation period. When you have sex on the most fertile day, stay assures that you will indeed get the good news. Generally speaking, women ovulates just 14days right before the next period and during this time the sperm last for few days in the uterus.  So if you have sex during this period, the egg will surely fertilize.  If you fail to understand the ovulation day, then take help of ovulation kit to know the most fertile day.

Avoid Lubricants And Take Cod Liver Oil

People across the globe make use of lubricants for extra pleasure as well as for ensuring safe sex. But when you try to get pregnant, make sure that you should not use lubricants as it can be toxic for the sperm as well as interferes while passing to the uterus.

Cod liver oil has also found to be effective for fertilization. Increase the intake of cod liver oil that contains the omega 3 which gives a boost to fertility. Take it regularly when you want to get pregnant.

Monitor Thyroid Function

Healthy thyroid functioning is indeed imperative for fertility. Thyroid causes hormonal imbalances that lead to fertility issue. So monitor the thyroid finction at home and if you find it somewhat abnormal, do seek consultation with a doctor.

A simple way to check thyroid at home is by taking morning body temperature. Ideal body temperature during morning is 98.6 Fahrenheit. If it is lower, then it is an indication of hypothyroidism and if it is higher than it is an indication of hyperthyroidism. Avoiding some food will also help you to maintain the thyroid level. So it is indeed not tough as to how to increase fertility naturally when you follow properly the above-mentioned tips. But always remember to lead a healthy life.